Eye catchingWith a showcase set up in a professional and distinctive manner.

Scenes that speak: the elegance of window displays that tell stories.

The art of visual merchandising finds its fullest expression in the distinctive services offered by SEVEN Group. Our expertise is reflected in window and store displays that go beyond the mere display of products. We succeed in transforming the static nature of a point of sale into an active and engaging communication channel.

Showcases are not just windows that display your products; they are your brand’s identity card, the first impact with your audience.

Customized fittings for any type of store or commercial environment: materials and design for engaging storefronts.

Window dressing is crucial to capture attention and engage the customer, acting as a catalyst for entering the store. By directly producing the materials and exhibits we ensure greater efficiency on quality and the ability to convey brand values.

Seven Group offers comprehensive consultancy, from materials proposal to object design to installation, providing an integrated service-for any business sector-that meets the highest demands in quality, functionality, and design.

Some window and store fittings already made

We have made furniture items and set up window displays all over the world, for stores of the biggest names in fashion and beyond.
We are always ready to evaluate and develop customized solutions that meet any specific need.

Testoni showcase set up

Welcome to the magical world of the Testoni showcase, where the art of staging becomes an emotional performance.

Scenografie per vetrine - Seven Group

Luxottica window display for Persol

Immerse yourself in Persol windows, where iconicity blends with elegance, creating an atmosphere that is simply…

Hermès window displays

We turn Christmas into a wrap-around tale for Hermès storefronts across Italy. Discover our achievements!

Luxottica window displays

We turn the ordinary into the extraordinary with golden windows and enchanting lights. Immerse yourself in the…

Mandarina Duck window display

Window display set up created for Mandarina Duck in Milan on the occasion of its 45th anniversary. Discover our…

Tod’s window displays

Elegance in motion with Tod's showcase. A sensory experience celebrating fashion, passion for cycling, and the art of…

From concept to prototype: a journey of creativity and innovation

Ideas are transformed, guided by a process of meticulous experimentation and analysis. From early conceptual sketches to prototypes, each stage represents a journey of creativity, innovation and functionality. Our team devotes time and passion to translate the most extraordinary visions into concrete achievements.

Planning and Design: the harmonious meeting of aesthetics and practicality

We are architects of visual and tactile experiences. Our graphics studio, as well as the technical department, delves into both construction and design details. Every set-up, every piece of furniture is a custom-made work of art, shaped to meet both communication and practical needs.

Each set-up is a unique and personalized masterpiece

With a keen eye for aesthetics and a passion for innovation, we turn every storefront into a work of art that leaves an indelible imprint on the minds of anyone who walks by. Every detail, from lighting to layout, is designed to tell a story and convey the essence of your brand.

From design to eco-sustainability is a short step

Seven Group adopts environmentally friendly materials and production processes geared toward environmental sustainability. From recycling to choosing biodegradable materials, we are committed to preserving our planet as we design and produce cutting-edge window and shopfitting solutions.

- Case History
For us, each project is a unique experience, a complete journey from the initial challenge to the outstanding final result.

Be inspired by these projects that tell the story of our dedication to quality, creativity and customer satisfaction.

Do you want to be unique and exclusive?
Differentiate your image!
Do you want to be unique and exclusive?
Differentiate your image!
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We make any product to specific requirements, both material and design.