Window dressing and accessories for Twinset store in Milan, Italy

How to market a new perfume? Twinset opted for a series of window displays focused mainly on product. How to design and implement them? We did!






3d Render

Customer's request

The client, on the occasion of the launch of its new perfume, expressed a desire to create a showcase exclusively dedicated to this innovative product. His vision was to create a space that would uniquely and distinctively highlight the fragrance, making it the absolute star of the presentation.

SEVEN Group's Solution

Our proposal, developed by the design office, suggested creating a giant picture of the product to ensure that this was the focal point of the showcase. Additional vitrines, of various sizes, were created to accentuate the visibility of the product, taking advantage of a refined play of light.

How we achieved the final result

The path that led to the final result was characterized by in-depth analysis, careful evaluation of materials, and the search for the lightness and elegance necessary for a fragrance showcase.
After receiving the layout and customizing the design, we conducted a detailed analysis to determine the most suitable materials for this implementation. The choice of painted metal frames and customized plexiglass panels proved to be the ideal solution, giving the showcase a refined appearance in harmony with the fragrance on display. The use of additional, strategically lit display cases further emphasized the product being launched, while floral reproductions added a touch of springtime, enveloping the showcase with a pleasant scent reminiscent of the fragrance itself. The reproduction of the nebulizer was made with silhouettes of mirrored silver metal sheets, enclosed by an elegant case that simulated the cap.

Do you want to be unique and exclusive?
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Do you want to be unique and exclusive?
Differentiate your image!
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