Green Vision!Our commitment to a sustainable future.

Sustainable creativity in every detail

The Eco-seven project is a true mission statement; whether it is window dressing, displays or packaging our goal is to make Green structures. This does not mean “impoverishing” the product but rather, continually seeking solutions that make the use of paper a powerful and attractive communication tool.

At Seven Group, we believe that respect for the environment is fundamental to building a better future. That is why we marry creativity with sustainability; we are committed to using eco-friendly materials and low-impact processes. Each project is a small step toward a greener, more conscious world.

Paper? Certainly, although it doesn't look like it!

Thanks to the development and research of new materials, we can make display structures or furniture that have nothing to envy to the usual materials hitherto used, such as wood and plastic materials.

Aesthetics and strength meet harmoniously, realizing structures that are difficult to relate to paper.

Some environmentally sustainable solutions already implemented

The items shown represent customized solutions designed at the request of our clients.
They are not available for prompt delivery and are intended as examples to inspire new projects.
We are always ready to evaluate and develop tailored solutions that meet your specific needs.

Cardboard window display items

Sturdy and environmentally friendly, these cardboard objects are true allies in bringing breathtaking scenery to life.

Honeycomb cardboard display stand

T-shirt display stand made of honeycomb cardboard. Learn how to make your store a reflection of style and environmental…

Honeycomb cardboard box

It combines durability, creativity and eco-sustainability in one. Discover our proposals for honeycomb cardboard boxes!

Nestboard display stand

Cardboard nestboard displays. Discover our intelligent and environmentally friendly design proposals!

Die-cut cardboard box

Die-cut cardboard box, packaging that not only tells the story of your product, but also your commitment to…

Honeycomb cardboard clocks

Decorate your environment with cardboard clocks that tell a story of design, sustainability and commitment to a better…

Do you want to be unique and exclusive?
Differentiate your image!
Do you want to be unique and exclusive?
Differentiate your image!
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We make any product to specific requirements, both material and design.

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    For us, each project is a unique experience, a complete journey from the initial challenge to the outstanding final result.

    Be inspired by these projects that tell the story of our dedication to quality, creativity and customer satisfaction.