Honeycomb cardboard display stand

Floor display made of honeycomb cardboard, ideal for displaying t-shirts.

The floor display for t-shirts, made of havana-colored honeycomb cardboard, becomes a perfect symbol of the union of style and sustainability. Shelves provide space and order to store t-shirts impeccably, while shaped hangers made of the same material as the display complete the visual harmony, creating a presentation that combines functionality and style.

Full-color printing of the logo and graphic elements brings the display to life, giving it a unique character that perfectly complements the brand’s identity, while the contoured details in pristine cardboard add a touch of sophistication, highlighting the craftsmanship in the design.

Customization options for honeycomb cardboard display.

The versatility of honeycomb cardboard is a hallmark: it can be cut, folded and shaped with ease, enabling the creation of objects and displays of various sizes and shapes.

Its flexibility in shaping itself according to unique designs opens the door to a world of creativity. Honeycomb cardboard adapts nimbly to design requirements, turning display solutions into true functional works of art. This makes honeycomb board an irreplaceable companion for those seeking innovative, sustainable and distinctively designed display solutions.

PLEASE NOTE: The product is not intended for prompt delivery, but only as an inspirational creative idea for other projects.

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