Tailored solutionsfor your image

We turn your ideas into exclusive proposals

We transform your ideasin exclusive proposals

Direct management of the production process at every stage.

Direct management of the production process at every stage.

How to work

- We turn your ideas into exclusive solutions

Twenty years of excellence in visual communication

Creative, flexible, young, innovative, efficient and motivated–this is the essence of SEVEN Group. An important company that has been working in visual communication and the many aspects related to it for more than two decades.

  • CREATIVE with always innovative solutions
  • FLEXIBLE to fit every need
  • YOUNG as the rebellious spirit of his team
  • INNOVATIVE and always looking for new ideas
  • EFFECTIVE in planning each activity
  • MOTIVATED toward excellence

Meeting visions, exceeding expectations

Seven Group is a team of experts who bring their know-how to bear to develop unique projects. With a team of creatives, technicians, fitters and assemblers, we are able to turn ideas into concrete solutions, always aiming to meet the client’s vision.

The synergy that unites them allows them to transform ideas into exclusive and innovative solutions in the field of window dressing, packaging, displays and all those products designed to promote the brand and corporate image.

A clear mission in mind

Our main goals are CUSTOMER SATISFACTION and CUSTOMER LOYALTY for this reason, every day we look for innovative solutions by researching new materials, selected from time to time according to the type of project.

Creativity is our ace in the hole; our team of graphic designers always experiments and creates unique designs. Customer loyalty is a value we consider essential; their trust in us and long-term cooperation are valuable indicators of our effective and efficient commitment.

From design to finished product...

Your ideas come to life

From the conception of ideas to implementation, through the rigorous quality control phase to final delivery, our team of experts works together with dedication to shape every single aspect of your product.

This commitment translates into careful control over every step of the process, ensuring that each component is made with the utmost care. Products that not only meet your needs, but do so exceptionally well.


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