Honeycomb cardboard box

Honeycomb cardboard slipcase box with band.

Elegant and practical box made of multi-layered honeycomb cardboard, specially shaped to embrace the bottle with style and security. Durable, creative and environmentally friendly, this box is not just a wrapper, but a testament to our commitment to quality and sustainability. A black cardboard band hugs the box, giving it elegance and essentiality. The logo, hot-stamped in gold, adds a touch of sophistication

Made from honeycomb cardboard, an environmentally sustainable material, our box demonstrates that it is possible to combine elegance and functionality with environmental responsibility.

Customization options for honeycomb cardboard boxes.

Thanks to its outstanding recyclability and biodegradability, honeycomb cardboard is presented as an environmentally friendly resource, in perfect harmony with the needs of a world that places the environment at the center of its concerns.

Its flexibility in shaping itself according to unique designs opens the door to a world of creativity. Honeycomb cardboard easily adapts to design requirements, turning packages into true works of functional art. This makes honeycomb board an irreplaceable companion for those seeking innovative, sustainable and distinctively designed packaging solutions.

PLEASE NOTE: The product is not intended for prompt delivery, but only as an inspirational creative idea for other projects.

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The in-house graphic design studio can offer you ad hoc creative solutions or give assistance in production and printing.

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