Display case fittings and accessories for Bulgari®.

How to set up a showcase by making light and lively decorations with gold outlines and stucco-like finishes? Find out how we did it!


Luxottica for Bulgari




3d Render

Customer's request

The client had specific needs for this showcase, seeking light and lively decorations, especially double-sided, combined with gold mirror profiles. In addition, the bench needed to have a rustic look similar to a stucco finish to blend in with the overall theme.

SEVEN Group's Solution

To meet these requirements, we paid great attention to material selection and artistic finishing. The decals were made using a special easy dot that ensures impeccable color rendition and optimal visibility on both sides. The structures, on the other hand, were created using green dyed mdf, printed double-sided and shaped by plotter to perfectly follow the design of the graphics.

How we achieved the final result

To achieve the desired effect of stucco on furniture, we involved one of our artists. Through various applications of colored paste material, we were able to recreate the concrete effect, creating an interesting contrast with the “clean” props covered with marble-effect wallpaper. To complete the final overall effect, we used gold mirrored profiles for the structures of the light boxes and display cases, creating a striking play of reflections and lights that gives this showcase a unique Art Nouveau atmosphere.
Through rigorous attention to detail and an unwavering commitment to excellence, we have been able to translate the client’s requests into a showcase of significance, imbued with fascination and capable of piquing the public’s interest.

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Do you want to be unique and exclusive?
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