Showcase set-up inspired by the movie Barbie for Scouts.

How to combine the glamour of Barbie in an adventurous setting like West Arizona? Find out how we designed and built this truly original window display.






3d Render

Customer's request

The client expressed the need to set up a storefront in collaboration with Wrangler, inspired by the movie Barbie and enhanced with Arizona’s distinctive style. The primary goal was to create an immersive visual experience that captured Barbie’s glamour in a bold and adventurous setting, representative of Arizona’s Wild West.

SEVEN Group's Solution

At our first meeting, it was agreed to adopt hardback as the main material, offering the possibility of harmonizing the Wild West theme with a sturdy but light structure in line with the client’s budget.

How we achieved the final result

The research process was crucial in selecting images and vector silhouettes capable of recreating an engaging setting. During this phase, we paid special attention to identifying eye-catching graphics and evaluating the available space in the showcase.
The need to avoid the use of window decals on the storefront prompted us to develop an alternative creative idea: we decided to simulate Barbie’s historical packaging using honeycomb cardboard. This approach allowed us to emphasize the Barbie theme in a unique and original way. A wooden load-bearing structure was later integrated to ensure solidity and stability of the entire setup.
The main objective was to visually convey the atmosphere of the proposed theme while maintaining a visual balance that met the client’s needs. Through a creative approach and scrupulous attention to detail, we were able to create a set-up that captured the audience’s imagination, perfectly embodying the glamorous essence of Barbie in a compelling setting of Arizona’s Wild West.

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