Dolce&Gabbana® window displays for stores in Milan and New York.

How to make a window display completely out of the box? Simple, recreating the fluid and light effect of water and making the glasses look suspended. Find out how we did it!


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Customer's request

How can we recreate the fluid and light effect of water and make the glasses look suspended?
The client aimed to recreate a fluid and light, water-like effect to make the glasses seemingly suspended. This challenge required an innovative and distinctive solution for the creation of an iconic showcase intended to occupy exhibition spaces in Milan and New York. The specific request was to capture the undulating, oleographic essence of water, creating a unique and engaging visual experience.

SEVEN Group's Solution

After a thorough analysis of printing techniques and possible combinations with materials, we chose to use lenticular printing on plexiglass. This solution allowed us to effectively recreate the wave effect of water. As for the suspension of the glasses, we employed a silicone oil inside the cases, taking care of every detail with scientific precision.

How we achieved the final result

The use of elegant black plexiglass plinths with embossed logos and white molded glorifier helped to further enhance the products, suggesting an elegant immersion in the deep sea. Large light boxes, carefully designed with evocative images and lights designed to accentuate the effect of water, completed the striking atmosphere of the showcase.
Each eyeglass was placed at a careful angle, filling the cases one at a time and waiting for the oil to solidify before proceeding further. However, during the process, we realized the need to strengthen and toughen the entire structure to support the specific weight of the cases when completed.
Through a thoughtful approach and our dedication to perfection, we have succeeded in transforming client needs into an iconic and engaging showcase that captures the public’s imagination.

Do you want to be unique and exclusive?
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Do you want to be unique and exclusive?
Differentiate your image!
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