Display solutions for storefront and store interior

The goal of these exhibitors was to promote the UNIPOSCA Set. Learn how we enhanced the product and the brand.






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Customer's request

The client required the development of a display solution to be used in store windows or inside stores to promote and enhance the Uniposca Set, while maintaining a consistent brand image.

SEVEN Group's Solution

We presented two initial creative proposals: one inspired by a Rubik’s cube and the other featuring a totem pole with a striking color cast. After an evaluation, the client chose the proposal that involved reproducing the casting effect.

How we achieved the final result

The first step was devoted to finding graphic elements that could best render the desired casting idea.
Next, we proceeded to make the cabinet using black melamine-faced mdf, thus giving the display a sleek and modern appearance. To create the casting effect, we initially considered using a plexiglass sheet. However, to achieve the desired height, we encountered flexibility problems. Therefore, we opted for dibond, which is lightweight but stiffer, providing stability to the structure.
The colorful effect of the display was achieved through the application of a printed adhesive vinyl, resulting in a visually appealing solution in harmony with the Uniposca brand image. Our attention to detail and choice of materials helped transform the customer’s request into a practical and aesthetically pleasing solution, ideal for effectively promoting the Uniposca Set both in storefronts and inside stores.

Do you want to be unique and exclusive?
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Do you want to be unique and exclusive?
Differentiate your image!
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