Window dressing and accessories for Testoni store in Milan, Italy

How to develop a distinctive and engaging showcase display, going beyond traditional engineering? We succeeded, find out how.






3d Render

Customer's request

The client expressed the need to create a distinctive and engaging showcase, going beyond traditional engineering to develop a completely new design. After a series of meetings and the receipt of required specifications, the design office began to develop renderings and proposals. The goal was to represent a city streetcar within the storefront, conveying an urban and authentic atmosphere.

SEVEN Group's Solution

To meet the client’s expectations, our design team embraced the idea of reproducing a streetcar, an icon of the city, within the storefront. After detailed thought and analysis, we opted for an innovative solution: using shaped and painted MDF panels to faithfully recreate every detail of the streetcar. The addition of a working LED display made the work not only aesthetically appealing, but also functional, enabling dynamic communication with the audience.

How we achieved the final result

The success of this project was the result of the collaboration and commitment of our entire team. From the initial design phase to practical implementation, each technician contributed his or her expertise to make the client’s vision possible.
Precision in the use of materials, such as molded MDF, and attention to detail made the reproduction of the streetcar not only realistic but also poetic.
The integration of authentic city elements gave the showcase a unique character, while the use of metal structures in the second showcase added a touch of nostalgia and authenticity, magically transporting the viewer to a bygone era.
Thanks to the inclusion of metal structures, the storefront has taken on an ancient and fascinating atmosphere, a tribute to bygone times and the city’s history.
he end result is a showcase that not only reflects the customer’s requirements but also exceeds expectations, combining aesthetics and functionality harmoniously.

Do you want to be unique and exclusive?
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Do you want to be unique and exclusive?
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