Mandarina Duck window display

Window display set up created on the occasion of Mandarina Duck’s 45th anniversary.

In an explosion of creativity and color, we transformed the Mandarina Duck store in Milan to celebrate the 45th anniversary of this Italian brand.

Mandarina Duck backpacks, iconic and beloved over the years, are placed on pedestals decorated in sculpture to simulate color castings and finished with glossy paint. From above, small hot air balloons of different sizes descend from the ceiling, fill the space above the products and float inside the store. Visual communication elements have been taken care of down to the smallest detail. The communication image, printed on vinyl-coated panels, acts as a dynamic background, while on the store windows, we applied black adhesive window decals, creating an elegant contrast.

This showcase display is not only a celebration of the Mandarina Duck brand, but a tribute to Italian talent and creativity.

360-degree customization

Each design is a unique piece of work, designed to fit the many display needs found in various stores. We create custom window displays, shaped to meet your specific needs, ensuring that your display space stands out uniquely.

By constantly collaborating with visual merchandisers, their vision and understanding of the brand is seamlessly integrated with our creative and technical expertise, resulting in projects that transform spaces into authentic works of art.

We are committed to staying on the cutting edge, embracing the latest trends and technologies. We also choose materials not only guided by aesthetic criteria, but also by their durability and sustainability, while always keeping an eye on design trends. This ensures that your exhibition space always reflects an innovative and contemporary approach, creating an experience that always lives up to expectations.

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