Floor display stand for stores

Floor display for stores made of durable material.

This store floor display designed for displaying brushes is made of durable yet lightweight materials.

Designed for maximum convenience, this floor display is designed to travel disassembled and then reassembled with ease thanks to the interlocking assembly system. Its structural simplicity allows it to be quickly prepared wherever you need to display your products.

Noteworthy, not a minor detail, is the use of hooks with concealed insertion, a guarantee of minimal and professional display of items.

Customization options for store floor displays.

Each store floor display we conceive is the result of a meticulous design process and complete customization. We custom design to meet your needs and requirements exclusively.

In our working philosophy, every detail is essential, and so we strive to ensure that every single element, from the raw materials to the layout of the display space, is carefully considered and taken care of with extreme precision.

Due to its fully customizable nature, you can easily transform the appearance of the display by printing graphics or applying stickers that reflect your corporate identity.

PLEASE NOTE: The product is not intended for prompt delivery, but only as an inspirational creative idea for other projects.

Our experienced sales team will be happy to advise you and create a customized quote, including the creation of a custom prototype.
The in-house graphic design studio can offer you ad hoc creative solutions or give assistance in production and printing.

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We make any product to specific requirements, both material and design.