Cardboard book display stand

Cardboard countertop display, a creative and functional display solution.

Cardboard book display designed and produced with the aim of making an item that is practical, functional but also of extreme quality, ideal for
Meet any display needs for books and other medium/heavy objects. Made from high-quality corrugated cardboard, this floor display offers a sturdy, reliable and versatile solution for showcasing your products.

The shelves are specially designed to support books and objects securely, ensuring that they stay in place without risk of sagging. The added feature of the removable interlocking crowner allows greater flexibility in organizing and presenting your books.

In addition, the elegant Havana honeycomb cardboard embossed lettering positioned on the sides gives the display a distinctive touch, adding an eye-catching visual element to your display space.

Customization options for cardboard book displays.

The cardboard book display can be customized to fit your specific display needs. We offer different types of formats and sizes. We adapt the shelf arrangement, overall height or other features of the display to ensure that it meets exactly the functionality what you need.
In addition, with different types of printing, you can add your logo, eye-catching graphics, or essential product information directly onto the structure to capture your customers’ attention.

PLEASE NOTE: The product is not intended for prompt delivery, but only as an inspirational creative idea for other projects.

Our experienced sales team will be happy to advise you and create a customized quote, including the creation of a custom prototype.
The in-house graphic design studio can offer you ad hoc creative solutions or give assistance in production and printing.

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