Metal and plexiglass floor display

An elegant floor display, characterised by a tubular chrome-plated metal structure that combines strength and style, making it a perfect complement to any environment. The shelves, made of transparent and smoked plexiglass, are removable, offering flexibility in the arrangement of products and facilitating cleaning and maintenance.

The shape of the metal floor display with plexiglass shelves is light and essential, designed to minimise visual clutter to maximise attention to the products on display. This discreet structure ensures that the products are the real stars, enhancing their visibility.

Also designed for practical use, the display includes easily removable feet, attached with screws, which simplify transport and shipping. This feature makes it ideal for displays that need to be moved frequently or sent to different locations.

Customisation options for metal floor-standing displays with plexi shelves.

The floor display, made of a combination of metal and plexiglass, offers extensive customisation possibilities to perfectly suit your needs. It can be customised not only in size, to accommodate products of various sizes, but also in shape, to blend in harmoniously with the design and surroundings.

The plexiglass used for the shelves is available in different colours. allowing you to choose the tone that best suits the visual identity of the brand or product on display. In addition, the plexiglass can be customised with full-colour prints, offering the opportunity to incorporate logos, advertising messages or any other desired graphics.

This versatility makes the display extremely adaptable, ideal for a wide range of applications, from retail shops to trade fairs, ensuring that each product displayed captures the desired attention in an optimal manner and in accordance with the customer’s marketing strategy.