Floor-standing brochure holder

Floor-standing brochure display - Seven Group

Floor-standing hollow-core brochure holder

The floor display for brochures, books or catalogues is an elegant and functional solution, ideal for highlighting promotional material. Made of honeycomb, a durable yet lightweight material, it offers the stability required for frequent use in high-traffic environments.

The surface is customised with a direct print that ensures immediate brand visibility.

The floor display design includes a crowner, located at the top, which is also customised with brand graphics to maximise visual impact. This element is easily interlocked, allowing for quick configuration.

The structure of the floor-standing catalogue rack is also designed with cuts and folds in the cardboard that form sturdy housings, capable of supporting medium to heavy-weight items such as books, magazines and other advertising material.

This feature makes the display extremely versatile, suitable for both commercial and information spaces where strength and functionality are paramount.

Options for customising floor-standing brochure holders.

Our floor-standing honeycomb brochure holder offers a fully customisable solution to precisely meet your display requirements.

We design and produce this display in a variety of formats and sizes, adapting every aspect to meet specific needs, from the layout and number of shelves to the overall height, and even more detailed modifications of its structural features.

We use various printing techniques to further customise the display with eye-catching graphics or product information directly on the structure. This not only enhances the aesthetics of the display but also increases its communicative effectiveness, attracting customers’ attention and improving the visibility of the materials on display.

ATTENZIONE: il prodotto non è da intendersi in pronta consegna, ma solo come idea creativa d'ispirazione per altri progetti.

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Lo studio grafico interno potrà proporti soluzioni creative ad hoc o dare assistenza in fase di produzione e stampa.

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