Dibond® is a composite panel consisting of two 0.30 mm thick aluminum foils with a polyethylene core.

Dibond® is an ideal solution for interior design, point-of-sale furniture, wall and column cladding, and in all other solutions that require a material with an extremely flat surface.
The material is available in a variety of finishes.

The prepainted baked face as well as the inner face are obtained by continuous processing. The result is a composite panel of exceptional lightness combined with high mechanical properties.
Because of its sandwich structure, Dibond® is a totally deaf sheet (never goes into resonance) with excellent soundproofing properties.

Its prepainted finish in white or available colors is an ideal base for screen printing, spray overpainting, and self-adhesive films.
The unique technique of preparing Dibond® for folding by milling on the back also allows the panel to be manually given a three-dimensional shape with absolute precision.