3D Modeling refers to a process of defining any three-dimensional shape in a virtual space generated on a computer; these objects, called 3D models are made using special software programs, called 3D modelers, or more generally 3D software.
This term is used in computer science, and is distinct from other types of three-dimensional modeling, such as traditional sculpture.

Today’s current technologies in the skilled hands of our 3D graphics and multimedia experts will allow you to immerse yourself in settings that have been fully or partially reconstructed on the computer through 3D software.

The use of 3D technology is widely used in the fields of engineering, architecture, industrial design and packaging, thus opening up extremely vast scenarios to graphic realization, overcoming in this way barriers of space and animation that are difficult to achieve in reality.

In the area of design, information technology, CAD systems, and numerically controlled machining now give us the ability to achieve important end results with a fair amount of speed and, above all, high precision. With the help of 3D surface modeling programs, we can realize the mathematics of the component under study that are essential for future prototyping and production molds.

Through three-dimensional modeling we have the ability to make photo-realistic renderings of the final product result.