Industrial design (from English industrial design) is the process of technical and aesthetic design of mass-produced products, i.e., made by industrial production.

In this entry, the expression “industrial design” is understood in the broader sense of the English word “design.” The closest Italian words to the English term do not render all the semantic nuances: “drawing” refers only to the artistic and descriptive aspect, while “project” only to the technical aspect. That is why the English word design, which encompasses both aesthetic and technical aspects of industrial design, has also become popular in Italian.

In the applied sciences, the term planning (in English design) denotes the activity, promoted by the designer, that underlies the construction/realization of any complex object, whether material or merely conceptual through the drawing up of a blueprint.

Summarizing then, the design parameters are:

  • Technical specifications or type of system to be implemented;
  • efficiency;
  • costs;
  • reliability;
  • safety;
  • implementation time;
  • Expected operational life time;