Lacquered MDF wooden plate

The black lacquered MDF wooden plaque is an elegant example of contemporary craftsmanship. It reproduces an inscription with a three-dimensional effect, adding depth and character to the communication in an original and creative way. The precisely carved characters are sanded and lacquered, resulting in a uniform glossy finish. Subsequently, these characters are glued onto a base, also made of wood, which guarantees stability and lightness to the entire structure. The result is a distinctive piece, ideal for enriching rooms with a touch of modernity and refinement.

Customisation possibilities for wooden plates

The MDF material, known for its strength and stability, gives our plates a strong and long-lasting feel. The finish also lends a touch of elegance.

Whether used in a shop, on an exhibition stand or to indicate display areas in an art gallery, our wooden plaques always stand out for their beauty in design and finish.

They can be designed in different shapes and sizes to suit your needs. With custom printing and a wide range of available finishes, we can create a unique and distinctive MDF wooden plaque that reflects your brand identity or promotional message.