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Palboard counter display

Palboard counter display, ideal for displaying small appliances with elegance and strength. Made from a multi-layer PVC sheet, the Palboard combines extraordinary structural rigidity with low weight, providing a solid and durable base for product presentation.

Its simple and essential shape is designed to highlight the products displayed in the dedicated housing, ensuring that each item is visible and accessible. To personalise the display, the brand and promotional message are printed on the crowner, which can be mounted later to complete the professional and inviting appearance of the display.

Customisation options for counter displays

We create customised solutions for every type of product to be displayed. Each counter display, whether made of plexiglass, wood, metal or cardboard, is custom-designed and fully adapted to your needs.

From the choice of design and shape, to the selection of the print and the care of the finish, we strive to meet your specific requirements.

Every aspect of the process, from strict control in the selection of materials to the optimisation of the display space, is carefully evaluated to ensure a final result that fully reflects your expectations.

PLEASE NOTE: The product is not intended for prompt delivery, but only as an inspirational creative idea for other projects.

Our experienced sales team will be happy to advise you and create a customized quote, including the creation of a custom prototype.
The in-house graphic design studio can offer you ad hoc creative solutions or give assistance in production and printing.

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We make any product to specific requirements, both material and design.