Cardboard counter display stand

Cardboard countertop display, a creative and functional display solution.

Creative and versatile display with our cardboard countertop display, customized through vivid four-color printing. Every detail of this display is designed to capture attention and maximize the value of the product.

The rotating crowner is a solution that turns the display into a real attractive installation. Thanks to this unique feature, the message to be conveyed becomes double-sided, enabling effective communication from both sides of the display. This not only doubles the visual impact of the brand but also provides flexibility in advertising presentation.

Customization options for cardboard countertop displays.

A wide range of sizes and shapes allow cardboard countertop displays to perfectly fit any display space needs.

As with all of the displays we design, in addition to various types of printing, we offer a wide range of fine finishes-including gloss or matte lamination, hot-foil varnishing and embossing-which are excellent for adding a touch of sophistication and exclusivity to your display.

PLEASE NOTE: The product is not intended for prompt delivery, but only as an inspirational creative idea for other projects.

Our experienced sales team will be happy to advise you and create a customized quote, including the creation of a custom prototype.
The in-house graphic design studio can offer you ad hoc creative solutions or give assistance in production and printing.

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