Gummed paper wetting machine.

The gummed paper wetting machine is the ideal solution for closing a large number of boxes per day. It is extremely reliable, quiet and robust.

The gummed paper roll is used with these special machines, the wetting machines, which wet the paper strip with water, causing the glue to set and then cut the strip needed to close the package.

Manual, semiautomatic and automatic humectants.

Wetting machines are available in several versions, from the simplest manual to semiautomatic and automatic.

Manual: small footprint humectant, perfect for offices, point of sale, shipping warehouse, e-commerce. The wetting system ensures proper activation of the adhesive tape, which becomes a guarantee digillo. It uses paper tapes without the use of electricity.

Semiautomatic: humectant machine with automatic cutting for 40 to 80 mm wide gummed paper rolls, up to 200 meters in length, normal or reinforced with glass fiber threads. It distributes strips from 15 to 75 cm in length. It works manually, with a lever.

Automatic: wetting machine designed for fast packaging, in environments where higher productivity and efficiency in package sealing is needed. Pre-set lengths can be adjusted, dispensed quickly and at the touch of a button.

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